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It was my best friend JT's birthday on the 7th, but we celebrated it on the 13th at Suika. She's pescatarian, meaning she doesn't eat meat, therefore we did not have any that night. That's okay with me! C:

Here is what we ordered:
» Yuzu, Lychee, Peach and Suika Calpico Soda ($6.50): The fruity Calpico Sodas were mixed with some alcohol. We decided as a group to each chose a different flavour, and I chose the yuzu one. (I am banned from buying yuzu because I can never finish the whole jar before it expires unfortunately.) They were pretty good, except the watermelon had a significantly stronger alcohol taste for some reason.

» Tuna Tartar ($6.20): Spicy tuna paste on toasted bread. This combination is surprisingly yummy, and this was one of my favourite dishes.

» Negitoro Battera ($12.80): This was my first time eating pressed sushi! I really enjoyed this and I highly recommend anyone coming here to order this. The drizzle of seaweed dressing was much appreciated. :P

» My Ebimayo ($8.80): The battered tiger prawns with mayo were very good!

» Grilled Gindara ($9.80): The fish was undoubtedly delicious. The taste and texture were perfect! The portion is very small though; I don't think I appreciate good fish enough to justify this price, and to order it again.

» Ebiten Agedashi Tofu ($6.40): Deep fried tofu and shrimp! Nothing much to say as it's pretty standard. The broth that the tofu and shrimp is drenched in is more rich than that at other places however.

» Asari Yaki Udon ($9.80): I kind of wish we passed on this one. Originally we ordered it to fill us up a bit but the portion was small, and it wasn't very good. The udon was too soft for my liking.

» Hotate Carpaccio ($8.80): A friend of ours actually recommended this. The scallops were very fresh, and I enjoyed the lightly dressed salad that came with them.

Aside from the delicious food,what I love most about Suika is probably the way the food is beautifully arranged. I can't get over how nice the interior of the restaurant is; I've seen the bottle chandelier countless times in photos, and I'm glad I'm finally able to see it for myself haha. I definitely recommend this place, but it is very busy so don't forget to make reservations!

Enjoy these photos, and remember to mouseover to see which dish is which. C:

1626 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC 
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